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Surely he cringed the day his boss made the most idiotic

Coach Mike Dunleavy seems like a pretty savvy guy, so I’ll presume he has little input in personnel decisions. Surely he cringed the day his boss made the most idiotic player decision of the year: the acquisition of NBA juvenile delinquent Rod Strickland. I knew it was insane.

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These cruises depart from Theodore, just south of Mobile but within the Mobile urban area. The company,, offers a scenic cruise around the bay accompanied by live entertainment and a three entree buffet. The main dishes are carved roast, chicken Southern belle and jambalaya and the dinner includes various side dishes.

cheap jerseys Chico (5 1) had commenced an offensive onslaught, launching 22 shots on goal after the second half kickoff Cheap Jerseys free shipping, and on top of it, the Panthers were running the depleted Vikings ragged. The first of Sunny Her’s two goals came from 25 yards out and gave Chico the 3 2 lead inside minute 47; the second served as an exclamation point on a rowdy 20 minute sequence that saw four yellow cards, one ejection, about 60 total seconds of Viking offensive possession beyond the midline and Panther fans laughing that they’d lost track of the score. “We simply weren’t able to maintain all the good things we did in the first 40 minutes,” PV coach Mike Vought said. cheap jerseys

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